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Set in the heart of vintage Cape Cod along New England’s coast, this interactive concert milieu offers a masterful concoction of world music

We produces Live Concerts which are streamed online in HD quality to talent buyers, club owners, managers, agents and fans. We offer this service free of charge to selected bands. To participate in the election process simply links your music to our Live From Center Stage FB page and we will review it and respond as soon as possible.
If you are selected to perform you will receive a DVD of your Concert and an embed link of the performance segmented, titled and edited.

Live From Center Stage is produced at the Cape Cod Community Television Station in front of a live audience and is shown live on the channel reaching 80.000 households.

Aaron Norcross

Oct 24th – 8:00pm

Cape Cod Community Media Center
17 Shadhole Road, Dennis Port, MA
Parking available, Drinks and snacks served

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Current_ANJRHomeIn September of 2006 Aaron Norcross, Jr. started taking lessons at a local music store in Wareham, MA. He was armed with a Red Fender Squire, the same color as Pete Townshend’s guitar. Aaron wanted to be just like Pete; the windmills and jumps. The first song he learned on that Red Stratocaster was Pinball Wizard.
In 2008 he began playing localAaron Norcross, Jr. bars and clubs as a warm up act for various bands in the South Coast area. He continued to work hard through the next couple years woodshedding and gigging. In April of 2012 Aaron went into the “Kid Charlemagne Recording Studio“ in Falmouth, MA with six songs; and over the next three months he recorded two covers and four originals including instrumental. The first song he wrote “Day to Day” received airplay in September of 2012 on “Wide World of Blues” with Peter Black on WATD Radio 95.9 FM in Marshfiedl, MA.
In March of 2013 Aaron Norcross, Jr. & The Old Dogs were born. From classic to contemporary blues and rockabilly, the band can be seen playing all over New England. Aaron continues to take lessons with Neal Vitullo, honing his skills and timing.
For the next 2 years the band plays all over Cape Cod appearing at The Melody Tent in Hyannis and other festivals around New England. In 2015 Aaron has gone back into record a new single “Rockabilly Road” at SeaSound Studio in Plymouth. Four more original songs are slated to be released in 2015
From searing blues to rockabilly… Aaron Norcross, Jr. is on a mission to spread the word.

October 3rd – 8:00pm

Cape Cod Community Media Center
17 Shadhole Road, Dennis Port, MA
Parking available, Drinks and snacks served

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With their versatility and well-seasoned skills, combined with on-stage foot stomping energy and off-stage charisma, Emish has been making fans from one coast to the other. Their music includes “emishified” traditional songs and tunes with their own original compositions that creates a sound described as “High-Powered Rock with Irish Heart”. In only five years since the conception of the group, they have already recorded three albums with their debut CD emishflyer“This Light” selling over 8,000 copies. Their other albums include “One More Round”, 2008 and “Sinners Make the Best Saints”, 2011. Whether they are playing on the main stage at a festival, theatre halls or pubs, Emish brings an energy packed show with witty banter on stage, leaving their fans asking for more.

Musically, Emish has both polished and expanded their approach while retaining the quality of their sound that has hooked so many of their fans. Still very much present is the plaintive and moving lyrics and song writing of Bobby Curreri. Matched with the driving Fiddle and Flute duo of Christy Brown and Jennifer Curreri and solid rhythm of Andrew Hulle on Drums and Mike Goliber on Bass, Emish and their new material has been dubbed as “A force to be reckoned with” by Matthew Nelligan, President of the Irish 2000 Music Festival which is one of the nations largest Irish Music Festivals. They have also been characterized as a “Wall of Sound” which emanates not only the power of their music, but the power behind their music. It’s this power bottled up into their music that has it’s fans screaming rave reviews and has rocketed Emish into the spotlight of the North American Irish Musical Festival Circuit.

Goodis & Glenn

Saturday, Oct. 3rd 1:00pm

Live From Center Stage – Cape Cod Community Media Center

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Goodis & Glenn release CD “Jazz Dance” on July 23, 2011.
It could be said that this project began 30 years ago as
a student-mentor relationship between Tom Glenn and Stu
Goodis while Tom was teaching at the Neupauer Conservatory
in Philadelphia. This lasting friendship and their common desire
to create fresh, original music brought “Jazz Dance” to life in

Their combined repertoire and collaboration on original
songs brings the past and the present into the future with
this project. Stu’s original tune, “Thirty Years,” composed in
1982 and completed in 2011, documents the time line of their
relationship. Their individual styles converge on the title song,
“Jazz Dance,” which fuses two musicians’ creative ideas into a
cohesive composition.

The intention of this CD is to bring music that honestly
expresses their dedication to the art of jazz performance,writing
and improvisation.

Aviva Jaye & Leah Shaw

Performance Date TBA

Live From Center Stage – Cape Cod Community Media Center

17 Shadhole Road, Dennis Port, MA 02639
Gate opens: 700pm – Showtime: 8:00pm

FullSizeRender-2Aviva Jaye is a Brooklyn-based artist and performer who loves connecting with people at the intersection of heart, brain and art. A trained vocalist and multi-instrumentalist raised on old movie-musicals, Motown and pop, she is dedicated to empathy and diversity through music. From the studio to the stage, Aviva takes a homespun approach to her own compassionate expression, wielding voice, guitar, piano, ukulele & harp to share raw material with simple, haunting motifs & transparent lyrics. Fans of a delicate artist who draws from the simplicity of folk, depth of soul and clarity of pop will be pleased.

Aviva’s experience as a performer includes a plethora of forms from theatre productions and choral concerts to studio albums and live bands. Most noted for her vocal work, she has worked with young Grammy-nominated artists such as Emily King and Matthew Santos and performed with artists covering nearly every genre from folk to hip hop.  Whether she is strumming ukulele at a wedding, playing folk-rock piano in Germany with Echo Bloom, or singing jazz-soul with artist Rachel Brotman, Aviva draws from these collaborations as she fine tunes her original, optimistic songs and individual, introspective sound.

Leah Shaw:

Leah Shaw -COHA classically-trained bassoon player raised on Beatles records and church hymns, North Carolina-grown Leah Shaw has always been a musician, but it wasn’t until she moved to New York City that she caught the bug for performing and got downright serious about her knack for songwriting. She found her first audiences and her vocal courage busking in the subways of NYC, where she began testing out her original songs and perfecting her skills as a multi-instrumentalist. “In the subways, I refined the art of overcoming awkwardness to play confidently in front of just about anyone. F Train people are my favorite.” Something was resonating in those stuffy, smelly subways; she made her rent money busking, and she began to identify as an artist with a voice and perspective to share.
Leah released her first recordings on the ‘I’m Just the Same’ EP in May 2013 and launched her first tour the following summer. Later that year, she beat 22 other singer-songwriters at the Eddie Owen Presents: Open Mic Shootout at Red Clay Theater in Duluth, GA gaining her a nod from fellow musicians and attention from industry professionals, who judged the competition. Entrepreneur and venue owner Eddie Owen said of Leah’s music, “If you’ve read Southern authors, you know there’s dark, light, tragic and glorious within…sometimes in the same sentence. Well imagine that kind of insightful literature in lyric with the voice of an angel spreading it around. Leah Shaw has that kind of voice and that kind of song. She’ll be one to be reckoned with.”
Leah released several singles in 2014, including Growing, which was picked up by TLC for a television sync license in June 2014, and ‘Carolina I’m Home,’ selected by Our State North Carolina Magazine as the song of the year. Leah continues to perform melodic, honest, energy-infused songs inspired by blues, bluegrass, and soul songs and her own experience wandering away from home and learning to develop her own voice.

The pair of us:

Leah Shaw and Aviva Jaye met at a cafe/art gallery showcase in Brooklyn, where they each performed solo, incorporating six or seven instruments between the two. Sensing a creative common ground, they began sharing sets and bills around NYC, singing and playing each other’s originals and covering pop and folk/country tunes in between. Both classically trained, contemporary inclined and locked in an endless romance with singing no matter what, Leah and Aviva continue to collaborate closely and navigate the singer-songwriter landscape in different but complementary ways. They promise heavy doses of folk, pop, heart and harmony collectively.